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  1. Veterans Day, to some a day off work or school or to take advantage of a sale.
    To others a solemn occasion to remember a lost loved one or fallen comrade. I personally have the privilege of serving on the Campbell County Honor Guard. It is always an honor when we gather to honor a fallen comrade or perform a patriotic ceremony. I am always in awe of the men and women I have the honor to stand with. As a veteran I see things in the ribbons that these members wear on their uniforms that others may not see. Each ribbon represents an achievement or occurrence in each person’s life that may have forever changed them. I see ribbons that signify the Bronze Star Medal, earned for heroic or meritorious achievement. I see Purple Heart ribbons earned by an individual wounded in an armed conflict. I see combat action badges and ribbons earned in ground combat. And so many more too numerous to list here. Many have attachments which represents multiple awards of the same medal. These men wear rank chevrons or insignia which commands respect from other veterans who realize what they stand for. They wear crests of the units in which they served and still remain mentally attached.
    All of these men are heros to me but if you asked them I believe that to a man or woman they would deny it. They would say things like, “I just did my duty” or “I just answered the call of my country”. Although they would deny being a hero they would probably say they served with some who were.
    Although these veterans may walk slower than some, they still show up in blazing sun or wind driven rain or snow to honor those who are forever our brothers and sisters. If you talk to them and ask why they served you will hear words about God, Country, Family, Duty and Honor. That is the reasons they will give you for doing what they do. May God bless all of those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in the greatest country on earth. God Bless the USA.

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