A LaFollette woman wakes up and goes to jail.


Campbell County Deputy Joshua Jeffers was on patrol Saturday night when he noticed someone inside of a parked vehicle. The vehicle was on a pull behind car hauler in the gravel parking near Hampton Inn at Caryville. Inside the car was Tarien Martha Wilder and an unidentified male who were asleep. According to a report from the Sheriff’s Department, Wilder was extremely hard to wake up. When Jeffers was finally able to wake Wilder, he requested her identification, she allegedly got out of the vehicle with her pants and underwear down to her knees. Jeffers told Wilder to pull her pants up, and she did as told. She then pulled her pants back down, squatted down in the gravel parking lot and urinated.

Inside the vehicle was a small black backpack that Wilder said had her ID inside it and told Jeffers that he could get the ID out. During this time, a hypodermic syringe, small corner bag of clear crystal-like substance and a pack labeled suboxone with a small piece of orange film was noticed in the bag. Wilder was unsteady on her feet, almost fell several times and was having severe twitching and tremors, according to the report. Wilder said this was because she had used methamphetamine days prior.

Wilder, 33, 303 North 16th Street, LaFollette is charged with possession of schedule II-controlled substance, possession of schedule III controlled substance, indecent exposure, public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.  She remains housed in the county jail this morning on a $25,000 bond.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/10/2019-6AM)

2 Replies to “Wilder charged with indecent exposure”

  1. Hmm… why was the male “unidentified”? I’m not shocked or surprised about the decision to investigate and arrest. But I’m concerned with the choices made in WLAF’s selective reporting of the incident. And other than the peculiar indecent behavior, what makes this remarkably different than other public intoxication type arrests?

    1. Thank you for reading WLAF. In response to your questions about the story, the male wasn’t named in the story, because he wasn’t arrested nor named in the arrest report so his name isn’t a matter of public record.
      As a rule we don’t practice selective reporting. Instead, with each story we weigh the news value. In this case, we felt it was newsworthy to report because of the “peculiar indecent behavior.”
      We thank you for reading and welcome your comments.

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