LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Mark Cain, the CEO of the LaFollette Medical Center, extends his gratitude and offers an update surrounding June 7’s historic flooding in Campbell County.LETTER TO THE EDITOR:

On June 7, intense rainfall and rising floodwaters across Campbell County—and especially in LaFollette—caused substantial damage to homes, churches and businesses in our community. Several roads were forced to close, leaving dozens of residents stranded.

Like many of our neighbors, Tennova Healthcare’s LaFollette Medical Center also faced adversity during and in the aftermath of this major flooding event. Due to ever-changing situations in the community and internal concerns, our hospital activated its emergency response plan. With assistance from Campbell County Emergency Management, the hospital’s administrator on call was able to secure transport to the hospital through flood waters and manage our internal response. Thanks to emergency preparedness training, a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who immediately took action, and incredible community response, LaFollette Medical Center continued to meet the needs of our patients and displaced members of the community, while also providing a safe refuge for those who could not make it home.

Emergency preparedness is a top priority for LaFollette Medical Center.  At least two disaster drills are held at the hospital every year. We have a detailed emergency response plan, developed by crisis management experts to help medical teams prepare for mass casualty and other emergency events. Along with other healthcare facilities, we prepare these plans and conduct these drills with the hope they’re never needed for an actual event.

Mark Cain is the CEO of the La Follette Medical Center

A significant part of emergency preparedness for our hospital is the relationships we build with local and regional emergency management officials, first responders, fire response, and city/county government and law enforcement. Alongside these community partners, we all play a role in responding to a community disaster event.

It has been said that “Every cloud has a silver lining.” In other words, even a challenging situation—such as the recent flash flooding—has the potential to produce something positive. When we look more closely at the edges of the clouds we can see the sun shining through like a silver lining. Certainly, the way the people of Campbell County pulled together is a glowing example of community spirit and resilience.

On behalf of Tennova, I would like to extend our gratitude to Campbell County Emergency Management, Campbell County Ambulance Service, LaFollette Police Department, LaFollette Fire Department, Campbell County Rural Fire Service, Tennessee Highway Patrol, LaFollette City Municipal Departments, Campbell County Sheriff’s Department and LaFollette Rescue Squad for their tireless efforts on not only this day, but every day they assist the citizens of our community.

Mark Cain, Chief Executive Officer

LaFollette Medical Center

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