CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – The topic of the Air BNB(bed and breakfast short term rental) continued for its third month at last night’s Town of Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. Concerned neighbors first approached the board about a neighboring house in a subdivision being utilized as an Air BNB asking whether it was legal or not.    Since that time, the town has been working on an ordinance pertaining to the issue. Last night, the planning commission brought questions before the board. Occupancy appeared to be unclear but after some discussion it was decided that three people would be allowed per bedroom and each Air BNB would pay a $50 license fee. The ordinance should be ready for its first reading at the September board meeting.

Alderman Eric Jones voiced his concern of the lack of reports from codes enforcement. “The other departments submit monthly reports, we need to know what they’re doing,” continued Jones.  “The reports had been requested from the department, but we haven’t received anything yet,” Alderman Lloyd Lawson said.

The town has been asked to contribute to two upcoming festivals. The first festival was Louie Bluie.  Caryville has donated $3,000 the previous two years and decided to donate the same to this year’s festival. The Big Creek ATV Festival which is held in LaFollette has received a yearly donation from the board. But this year, Jones made a motion that the town not contribute to the festival with Lawson seconding the motion. Jones said he felt like the town should have a seat on the festival committee and have a voice.

Ordinance 2019-04 amending the annual operating budget for 2018-19, Ordinance 2019-05 amending the annual operating budget for 2018-19 for the state street aid fund were approved.  Mayor Robert Stooksbury explained this was just housekeeping for the budget.

Daniel Garrett was hired as a full-time police officer. He started with the department in April and has completed his probationary period. Since April he answered 469 calls and made approximately 90-percent of the drug arrests, according to Chief Brian Keeton.

Stooksbury updated the board on the installation of lights at Caryville. The town signed a contract last month with the safe routes to school, “work should begin soon” said Stooksbury. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/13/2019-6AM)