JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – For the first time in the history of Campbell County Schools, there are three Reward Schools in the same year of 2018-2019.     Over the past few days, an under-the-radar buzz had been swirling that some really good news was on the way about Campbell County Schools.   It officially arrived Tuesday evening at the August Board of Education meeting.  It was announced that Jacksboro Elementary School, Jellico High School and Wynn-Habersham Elementary School each achieved Reward School status.

Jacksboro Elementary School Assistant Principal Casey Cox (left) and JES Principal Steven Sampieri (right) await the announcement of 2018-2019 test scores.  JES is one of three Reward Schools in Campbell County.

Second-year Jacksboro Elementary Principal Steven Sampieri said, “I think it’s amazing, an absolute honor and a validation for all involved.”  Sampieri’s assistant principal, Casey Cox,  said, “It’s an honor to be a part of such a dedicated and hardworking staff staff.  It’s a testament of what they do day in and day out.”

Jellico Principal Danny “Dino” Oakes (right) said he is humbled and blessed to serve as the JES principal.

Danny “Dino” Oakes is in his first year as the principal at Jellico High School after serving as assistant principal to previous principal Dr. Donna Singley.  He said, “We showed some good growth to make it to a Level 5.  Dr. Singley was there.”

Dr. Donna Singley was the Jellico High Prinicpal last year and is all smiles as she added, “We have worked diligently for five years to gain momentum in all areas of instruction. This was the effort of the entire staff working tirelessly for student success. I am ecstatic about the news of Jellico High School being a reward school. When I first heard I exhaled. We did it!”

Second-year Principal Krissy Cobb (yellow dress) of Wynn-Habersham Elementary School was joined by several members of her staff as the good news was announced about their school being a Reward School.

Krissy Cobb is in her second year as the principal at Wynn-Habersham Elementary School and said, “I’m so excited and proud of my staff and students.  I appreciate the support from the director of schools, the members of the board and our supervisors, and that’s good for a young principal.”

Though these are the three Reward Schools, there were other schools with impressive improvements.  See the full release HERE.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/14/2019-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S LINDSEY HUTSON)


3 Replies to “Campbell has three Reward Schools for the first time”

  1. Out of 997 elementary schools in Tennessee ranked by academic performance, Jacksboro Elementary School had an academic drop of 142 places down to 340…in one year. With Average Standard Scores to 100, Jacksboro scored 58. That is failing in anyone’s grading system.
    Out of 350 high schools in Tennessee ranked by academic performance, Jellico High School dropped to 295. That is only 55 from the bottom in the state. With Average Standard Academic Scores as high as 100, Jellico High School scores 20. That is not even close to passing. 20 out of a hundred. A blind squirrel could score higher.
    Wynn-Habersham Elementary ranks 692 out of 997 academically. Well into the bottom half of the state. They scored 31 out of 100 in their Average Standard Academic Scores. No “expletive deleteds” could ever describe the sorry performances of our administrators in our Campbell County schools.
    AND they call these three “reward” schools. That sounds like Baghdad Bob in 2003. Amazing how our school administrators can fool the public into thinking they are doing a great job. They smile and dance around a fake May pole patting themselves on their backs claiming false and fraudulent successes where none exist. AND they continue to waste millions of dollars every year doing nothing. Shame, shame, shame.

  2. Totally not true FACT CHECK. The state of Tennessee bestows these distinctions on the schools. Not local administrators and central office staff. Please stop trying to be a downer to our system Miller. Just resign if things are going too good without any help from you

    1. My numbers on the Average Standard Academic Scores comes from school tests as accumulated by a national grading organization and are made public on the internet. The “reward schools” as awarded by the state department of education are totally subjective and provide nothing substantial on the real evaluations of what is going on inside the classrooms. Objective tests are the real evaluations and the state and local departments of education should be ashamed for hiding behind meaningless trophies. The state has adopted a policy where even those incapable should get a medal and all of you who applaud such fraud should resign. Show me the results of your so-called fact check.

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