PIONEER, TN (WLAF) – A Campbell County man passes out in driveway and ends up in jail.

Campbell County Deputy John Minor went to a home on Arron Baird Lane at Pioneer on Saturday about a man being passed out in a driveway. When Minor arrived, he spoke with Mitchell Long of the Campbell County Rescue Squad. Long said he arrived and saw a man who was identified as Charles Ray Bansaw passed out behind the wheel of a Ford Ranger truck with the key in the ignition. Long told Minor he was afraid the man would drive off and hurt someone, so he took the keys out of the ignition of the truck.

When Minor spoke with the man, he said he was at his friend’s house in Jellico. Minor then explained to him that he was in Pioneer and not Jellico, according to a report from the Sheriff’s Department. When asked if he knew what day it was, Bansaw said it was Thursday.

When Bansaw was asked if he had taken or used any type of illegal substance, he said he had not. He was then asked if he had any illegal substances in the vehicle, he replied that he did not.

A search of the vehicle revealed a large pill bottle with a white crystal substance inside in plain view. When asked what it was Bansaw replied it was Ice and some marijuana. A small clear bag was found in the ash tray that contained a white powdery substance believed to be methamphetamine. Minor then found a large plastic bag behind the driver’s seat containing a green leafy substance thought to be marijuana.

Bansaw, 57, 156 7th Avenue, Jellico is charged with driving under the influence (DUI), possession of schedule VI-controlled substance and possession of schedule II-controlled substance.