NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) -Tennessee is making strides in terms of paid leave- at least for state workers in the executive branch of state government.

Last Week, Gov. Bill Lee signed as executive order that offer up to 12 weeks of annual paid family leave for state workers who become parents, have to care for a family member or experience other life-altering events.
The plan, which takes effect March 1, will apply initially to all full-time executive branch employees with at least a year of service.
Under the terms of the order, leave could be given to those employees who have events such as the birth of a child, adoption or foster care, care of a sick family member, active military duty of a family member, or personal health conditions that render employees unable to do their job.
Lee’s order will make about 38,000 employees initially eligible for leave at 100 percent of the employee’s regular salary. State lawmakers are seeking to extend the protection for thousands of additional state workers.
Currently, employees in Tennessee who need paid time off under the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) normally use whatever earned time they have, such as vacation or sick days.
This order doesn’t extend to the private sector.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 1/15/20 6 AM)

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