LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) –  For the second time this school year, a threat was made at the La Follette Middle School.  This morning around 9 am, School Resource Officers (SRO) were alerted to a written message in a bathroom.  Sheriff’s officials say that a bomb threat for Friday was scribbled on the side of a stall.

A sweep of the school was completed about an hour after the discovery of the threat message, and it did not net anything.

Sheriff Robbie Goins said, “We take all threats seriously, and we thoroughly swept the school immediately.”  He adds that investigators spoke with teachers and students and interviews will continue for the rest of the school day.  This latest threat is for Friday, and the Sheriff pointed out that additional officers will be on hand in the morning, and as long as they need to be to make sure students feel safe and are adjusting well after the threat.

Investigators focused on students in one particular seventh grade classroom that is near the bathroom where the threat was written.  So far, there are no suspects.  In the December 2019 threat of an impending shooting at the school, there were three students involved, and those juveniles now attend school elsewhere.

The likely charge in this incident is filing a false report or bomb threat according to the sheriff.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/23/2020-2PM-UPDATED 3:15PM)

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  1. Kids that want to get out of class might very well do such a thing not knowing the cost it might bring maybe the school needs a class to teach to teach them before they make that mistake. It was for sure someone in school.

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