TOP PHOTO:  Shayne White received a standing ovation on Tuesday night.

Cougar Basketball Manager Shayne White listens as CCHS Public Address Announcer Pat Pebley pays homage to White at Tuesday’s CCHS – Central games.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Shayne White on wheels rolling quickly around John R.W. Brown Court.  His big smile.  Those “give-me-five” moments.  It’s been a good run for the faithful manager of the Campbell County High School Basketball Team.  But perhaps it’s been a better run for all those of us who crossed Shayne’s path over these past 10 years.

“Yeah, technically, he was the manager, but he really liked it when we called him assistant coach,” said former Cougar Basketball Coach Matt Housley.  The Cougar Basketball – White relationship started when White stopped by Housley’s classroom the Monday after he was hired as coach in 2011.  The coach said Shayne  just wanted to help the team, and it went from there.

“Shayne lifted our spirits and was an anchor for us at times.  He was our proudest supporter, too,” former Cougar Theron Overbay said.

“I could talk about Shayne all day. He actually facetimed me Tuesday night and said thanks for all I did for him,” said Housley.  The coach pointed out, “My only thought was he did so much more for me and our players over the years than we could ever do for him.”  Housley called him one of the most special people in the world to me, and that Shayne has a big heart.

Housley added, “Shayne’s smile and attitude are contagious , and he gave all of his energy to the program for close to 10 years.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/13/2020-6AM-PHOTO COURTESY OF PAT PEBLEY)

5 Replies to “‘He did so much more for me’ – Matt Housley on Shayne White”

  1. Shane was by far the best ever period when I played ball for the lady Cougars. He also supported and helped the girls too and always gave us a reason to smile!

  2. I did not know him personally; however, I will always remember him coming onto the court in his wheelchair smiling and leading the Cougars onto the floor. I wish we had a lot of fans with his personality and devotion to the game. He will be long remembered and missed when the game is being played. He is inspiration to all. God bless Shane.

  3. As former sports information director at WLAF it was always fun to see my buddy Shayne at the games. I made sure he had his Moutain Dew and let him go. His smile, his attitude for the game was unlike any other. It wasn’t always about the wins, the losses but about the kids, the players and if you talked to Shayne for any length of time, you always felt better. You deserve all the kind words my friend. Because of you, my job was much more fun I couldn’t think of any where else I would rather be than at CCHS when Shayne was there. God’s blessings my friend.

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