JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) -Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy James McCall was dispatched to Cherokee Trail about a domestic disturbance recently. The victim alleged that Steven Lee Mitchell had told her not to open the door when law enforcement arrived, according to the report.   When McCall entered the residence, the victim was crying and speaking very low, and told the officer that Mitchell had been smacking and pushing her head all day, the report said. The victim continued Mitchell had allegedly also climbed on top of her and held one hand over her mouth and the other around her neck trying to choke her and then continued to punch her several times over her body.

The victim told McCall that Mitchell took her phone. She was finally able to retrieve it from him when he fell asleep. She also alleged that Mitchell had made threats to kill her and bash her face in if she did call the police.

McCall did see some bruising on the victim’s stomach and some redness around the neck/throat area, the report said. When Mitchell was questioned about what happened, he replied that they had been smacking each other around all day according to the report.

Mitchell, 49, 111 Cherokee Trail, Jacksboro is charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence and false imprisonment.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/20/2020-6AM)