KNOXVILLE, TN (WLAF) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol is showing its gratitude to all Healthcare Heroes with a public service announcement now airing over WLAF radio.  The message encourages all of us to be responsible as we travel for essential needs in our area.

THP Sgt. Chris Richardson’s message reads that the Tennessee Highway Patrol is taking time to sincerely thank all the Frontline Medical Personnel that are working tirelessly to protect all of us during a time that’s not been seen in this great nation for generations.  Richardson said, “We can all help these heroic men and women out by not adding to their unprecedented workloads by being involved and injured in an unnecessary traffic crash.  So, do us a favor.  Do yourself a favor, and do our hardworking healthcare heroes a favor by slowing down and following the speed limit.”

“By working together, we’re gonna get through this,” said Richardson.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/20/2020-6AM)

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