NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – As of Saturday afternoon, the number of PCR positive tests for COVID-19 during the pandemic according to the Tennessee Department of Health is 53, and that includes 48 (up four from Friday) cases confirmed and probable.  Of the cases, 32 of those patients have recovered while 15 patients are recovering and one patient has died.  Results through Saturday from 2,800 COVID-19 tests in Campbell County have come back negative.

Further down this page is an explanation on Tennessee’s new reporting system on COVID-19 cases and deaths.  The new reporting began on Friday, June 12, 2020.

Across Tennessee, the Tennessee Department of Health reports 637 people have died from complications due to the Coronavirus as of Saturday afternoon.  That’s four more deaths since Friday.  Additionally, 2,860 patients have been hospitalized.

As of Saturday afternoon’s report, 50,140 tests ( up 1,428 from Friday) have come back positive for the virus out of 878,230 tests. The number of patients who have recovered from the virus totals 30,043.


Starting June 12, the Tennessee Department of Health updated its way of reporting cases and deaths connected to COVID-19 here in Campbell County and for all of Tennessee.  The Tennessee Department of Health is reporting daily the confirmed and probable cases and deaths from COVID-19 “to provide a more comprehensive look at the pandemic in Tennessee.”

Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said in a statement on June 12, “We want to present a clear picture of the burden of COVID-19 on our state, and we want Tennesseans to understand the reason it may appear that we’ve had an increase in our cases and tests completed.”

Tennessee Department of Health defines a confirmed case as “someone who tested positive (via PCR test) for the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Additionally, Tennessee Department of Health defines a probable case as “someone who may have tested negative by PCR, tested positive by another type of test or may not have been tested at all, but has an illness consistent with COVID-19 and may have other risk factors.”

Also explained by the Tennessee Department of Health is the different actions for confirmed or probable cases.  The Tennessee Department of Health stated, “For both confirmed and probable cases, public health officials take the same actions. All cases (confirmed and probable) undergo a case investigation and contact tracing interview and are asked to isolate per CDC/TDH guidance. Their contacts are then contacted and asked to quarantine for 14 days.”

The Campbell County Health Department at Jacksboro continues to offer testing free of charge to residents. For scheduling, please call 423.562.8351

See the full report HERE.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/04/2020-3:00 PM)

21 Replies to “COVID-19 case count climbs in Campbell County”

  1. Around 33 people per day die in Tennessee from cancer. I just dont understand everyone cowering In the corner and giving up their rights over the Chinese virus.

  2. Cancer is not contagious. You can’t “catch” it by being around someone who has it. But this virus IS highly contagious, and people ARE catching it from others. Some get very sick, some don’t. Some die and some don’t. If everyone would just stay away from each other for a couple weeks, it may just all settle down. It is very hard to be isolated, but why take a chance? I was convinced 2 weeks ago that it wasn’t a big deal, but now I know someone personally that has had it, and they were extremely sick. Why risk it? It ain’t worth it.

    1. I agree. As a nurse I have to be diligent when it comes to my health, my families health and the health of my patients and coworkers. 1 person gets in and we all do. Since the quarantine began I have been to the bank once and the dollar store twice and wearing PPE. I go to work and come home all while trying to keep the people around me safe. It serious. It’s not to be taken lightly.

  3. I dont think everyone is cowering in a corner but it spreads way fast than cancer and tripled the count on deaths!So if thats what you want to call it welll be it!!!But myself I think its being more to help keeping me safe and to keep you safe to!! were protection,and stay home!!! I dont get the giving up rigjts thing! But everone to their own opinion.🙏

  4. So are these people with the virus in the hospital or at home. What happened to the first person who had the virus?

  5. My family can be isolated for 2wks, but if others are not, what could have I done…it’s like everything else in life, if we don’t unite in this and stick together through this and EVERYONE be isolated at the same time we are defeating the purpose of isolation in the beginning…this is going to go on forever if we don’t…

  6. It’s not about giving up rights, it’s about doing the right thing folks! It’s much easier to stay in and close your door for a couple of weeks than to close the casket of someone you know, or someone you love.

  7. The most cases are in the 21 to 30 age group in Tennessee. Doesn’t surprise me a bit! The young couple who live across the street from me had a party this past weekend! Cars and trucks lined up the street. And they have two young children. Idiots like this are what is spreading the virus unnecessarily.

  8. I have a family member that has been fighting Cancer for almost 4yrs..We are staying in and wearing protective covering when we need to go out…..Because you just don’t know who has it and who doesn’t.. I was in the parking lot at Lowe’s over the weekend and all the people that were going in there they differently were NOT 6ft apart…some had mask on but some were just like this is nothing and they were giving the people who were wearing protection funny looks…We NEED come together as a community and be very cautious…This to shall pass just Stay Home and if u have to go out Please wear a protective covering there are some many YouTube videos on this if you can’t sew…GOD BLESS

  9. As a Cancer patient in Remission.. I’m high risk an staying home ,in hopes that with my son( working with the public) , doesn’t carry it back home. I’m continuing to receive vaccines.I already fought a hard battle an trying to avoid another one.Not everyone is high risk but they can spread it making it harder to overcome.

  10. Why is everyone that has this covid 19 keeping quiet?Its nothing to be ashamed of.I just think if people knew who had it would be easer to find out who has been in contack with them or just been around or close by.This may help to stop the spreading of it.So and so could have been by them and forgot to mention that one,then so and so goes around someone else and there u go a whole lot more already affected! Just wondering.🙏🙏Praying for all..

  11. This virus has not gone away yet coming out now is not the way to go. Additional time is needed to lock this virus down, stay in. We need a minimum two more weeks and maybe more to get a real grip on it. Remember it’s not over and is not the end. Remember this is Easter Weekend let’s pray repent and forgive.

  12. I think everyone who has it should announce it its like a flu its not something to be embarrassed of! me personally I would want people to know that way if they had been in physical contact with me they could know to let a doctor know! that’s part of the spread as well. they say they don’t release names cause of HIPAA law well I believe that putting thousands of lives in jeopardy would trump the HIPAA law and a lawyer I’ve discussed this with says I’m right

    1. Its my understanding that once someone is tested positive that they are asked for the names of people that they have been in contact with, then those people are tested.

  13. My daughter is an essential worker in campbell county and I worry about her so much ,because it seems so many are not taking this seriously. The way I see it, even if you dont agree with the precautions that are being asked of you, on the chance you may be wrong, comply with them out of respect for others. I am a nurse and I wish this virus on nobody. Please people.

  14. 330 million americans, staying 6 feet apart is an impossible dream. This nightmare will end only when we have a treatment/vaccine, or when we have all been exposed to it. Sad reality! Until that time, we have to stay vigilant, try protect ourselves/family as much as we can and hope medical science finds the answer soon.

  15. Quoting static like there has been such a large number of people tested gives a false since of what is real
    . 946 People tested in all of Campbell Co. Is an embarrassment. Less than a 1/3 of Tennesseans have been tested. And Tennessee is one of the state’s taking this virus serious. But East Tennessee is the lowest is Testing and loudest in wanting businesses open.

  16. Please explain how you are only reporting one active case, when new cases were just reported recently. No way those newer cases have recovered in that amount of time.

    1. Thank you for your response, Angie.
      The State of Tennessee Department of Health issues a daily report to WLAF that WLAF in return announces/publishes.
      Jim Freeman

  17. We may feel done with the covid virus but sadly the covid virus isn’t done with us yet. This virus uses us humans as it’s host to grow and feed on. Covid infection has no regard to age, gender, religion, economics or politics. Please try to practice safety for everyone. I wear a mask because I may have been exposed and could be without symptoms ( asymptomatic) and would need t want to spread this to anyone else. Especially if someone I may spread it to is not able to heal from it. If we remain diligent, we will overcome this. This will not be forever.

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