A quick investigation followed by a confession led to Kimberly Baird’s arrest last week.

Baird was allegedly traveling on Highway 116 in Caryville on March 25 when she drove up on another vehicle at a high rate of speed, crashing the front end of her vehicle into the other vehicle, the report said.   Baird then allegedly drove around the other vehicle and left the scene of the accident, according to a report from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. The victim was able to tell Deputy Corey Laxton the vehicle was a grey SUV. During this time, another deputy found what he believed to be the vehicle involved in the accident. He stopped the vehicle, noticing the front of the vehicle had major damage.

 Laxton went to the stopped vehicle and spoke with Kimberly Ann Baird, the driver, who “had a strong smell of alcohol” about her.

  As Baird was quizzed about her drinking, she simply nodded yes when asked if she had been drinking, the report said. “Apparently too much” was her alleged response when officers asked how much she had consumed.

  Baird then allegedly admitted she consumed over four drinks in the past couple hours, according to the report.

Baird, 34, 140 Brook Place Lane, Apt.1, LaFollette is charged with leaving scene of accident, driving under influence (DUI), possession of schedule VI controlled substance.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 04/03/2018-6AM)