5:30 pm at City Hall

   The La Follette City Council meeting opens with a Public Hearing at 5:30 pm today.  It’s open to public comment on Ordinance 2018-03, to amend building, residential, and fire codes.

   Ordinances and resolutions make up part of today’s agenda.  Votes are expected to be taken on adopting a 10-year parks and recreation master plan, approving spending up to $15,000 on a general service agreement for architectural and engineering services, approve renting the A-frame building, and approve to go ahead with renovations to the old post office buildling.

   The police department has a couple of items for council to address.  One is approve a memorandum of understanding with the US Marshal Service and approve amending the city taxi cab policy.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 04/03/2018-6AM)