Part of 65th anniversary celebration

   You will notice some changes to along the way this week.  As part of the transition, the WLAF website may not be available or updated for a brief time.  Your patience is appreciated.

   Changes, we hope, will be subtle yet noticeable making easier to navigate as well as offering a few more features.  When Frank Payne first helped us create the site, he hammered home that we need to keep it simple, and Frank’s philosophy lives on with the new look.

   Tabs are at the top of the page.  Right below the tabs is the WLAF – Hammrtech Hot Line where you will see breaking news and other pertinent information.  For WLAF corporate partners, your banner and box ads will appear at the top and bottom of the front page and down the right side of the page; all in rotating fashion and your ads will now appear on other WLAF links rather than just on the front page.

   One of the new additions is the “School News” link that will keep you up-to-date on all the good things happening in Campbell County Schools.  Another new feature allows you to search the site for stories.  Rather than have full stories all the way down the front page, stories will be collapsed allowing you to see almost every story without a lot of extra effort.

   The new site would not be possible without Steve, Andrew, Tim, and others at Hammrtech.  Steve Ditmer is president, and Andrew Ditmer is CTO.  Tim Bigelow is the man that led the way for the new WLAF site and is just about ready to show you the latest Hammrtech creation.  Thank you, Hammrtech!

   The company that specializes in high-tech solutions is based right here in Campbell County. Hammrtech helps you meet your customers’ needs in the constantly changing landscape of the 21st century.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/21/2018-6AM)