Earlier this week Campbell County High School Coach Daniel Lasley was terminated as soccer coach for both the Cougars and Lady Cougars.  Reasons such as “too many complaints” were given for the dismissal.  As of Thursday night, all comments on a variety of social media platforms were all positive and in support of Coach Lasley.

Lasley had many high points since taking the program over. The program saw a good start when it was first brought to the high school several years ago. Several players on both the boys and girls side signed to play soccer on the college level. Lasley, along with several parents and assistant coaches, put in hours of sweat equity to establish an actual home soccer facility on the campus of CCHS. In spite of all this the administration at CCHS felt the program need to go in a different direction.
Several alumni submitted statements about how Lasley impacted their lives.

Recently graduated Ryan Rodderick said, ” I just graduated and played for Daniel, and I have to say he was an amazing coach. He always tried to do the right thing, and from what I have been told he was fired for too many complaints, but Daniel has been one of the best coaches I have played for, and I think the other  soccer players would agree 100%. He is a great coach and the team really needs him as a coach to go farther in what they love especially in the correct manner. We have had some amazing seasons because of him.  This past year wasn’t as successful because we lost so many good seniors but it definitely had nothing to do with “bad” coaching.  He really deserves that job for being that good of a coach. The rebuilding stage we started with will just set the upcoming team back without Daniel. Again I think Daniel is an amazing coach and he should have never been fired!”

Stacy Morton, who went on to play softball for the University of the Cumberlands said, “As a former player, and student athlete, he is one of those coaches who has left an everlasting impression on me. He has always pushed each and every player but was never disrespectful to any of them but something I will say Daniel never did was choose one player over another just because of who you were and your background with any sport he was associated with, which was several. A good coach can change the game, but a great coach can change the life’s of their players and that is exactly what Daniel Lasley has done to so many athletes. Daniel was there when I had happy tears and Daniel was there when I had sad tears and would always tell me he would be there if I EVER needed him. Even though I went to college on a softball scholarship, I have to say I am blessed that Daniel was a part of making me the athlete that I have become. As everyone has said he has left an ever lasting impression on everyone he has been around.”

Cameron Yeatman said, “As a former player for the high school. I can honestly say that Coach was nothing a but a good influence on me and my life on and off the field. Whether it was putting 100% effort in to the games we loved as a team every time we stepped for on to our field.  Or just seeing him after I graduated and realize that I wasn’t where I should be in my life and that just seeing him and having to tell him I wasn’t where we expected me to be after I graduated made me rethink how I
was living and what my goals were. There’s no other coach in this world that I would have wanted to play for for my years on that team than him. Because he was more than a coach. He was an example of what we as young men should strive to be when we grow in to adults.”

One current soccer player made a statement on the condition of anonymity said, “I feel like they are doing this to get back at Coach Lasley for some things that happened with the Top Ten Students and the Middle College Students this year. I am actually undecided about playing this year because of this but I also know Coach would not want me to quit after the work I put in.”

A group of former players is organizing to approach the school board at its June 14th meeting.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/08/2018-6AM)