The Campbell County Youth Soccer League crowned champions over the weekend.  David Graham shares their photos with us.  Thanks, David!

6-Under Champions – Kickers

Sarah, Jessie Keegan, Kate, Kayleight, Beth, Hayden, Xavier, Trey, Jacob, Layla, Ian, Emily, Logan.

8 – Under Champions – Titans (finished the season undefeated)

Sophia, Jayden W. Alexa, Nevaeh, Lydia, Joseph, Giovannie, Flor, Jayden B. Justice, Noah, Aaron, Harlow and these guys completed their season unbeaten & untied.

10-Under Champions – Silver Bullets

Kelcy, Brianna, Kevin, Kainoa, Tyson, Nathaniel, Ruben, Aiden, Brayden, Emma, Jon, Georgia, Addison, Kylie, Will, and Kiren.

14-Under Champions – Crush

Andrew, Zach, Hayllynn, Ethan, Laiden, Landon, Dylan, Omar, Julio, Yamel, Abby, Reece, Elisa, Travis, Michael and Julliom.