The Reverend Emerson Sweat’s been gone for seven years come October.  And it’s been that long since his weekly program of preaching and singing aired on Saturday mornings on WLAF Radio.  Though this weekend, his memory will once again be honored.Twice-a-year, his sister Genella Sweat lovingly pays tribute to Emerson.  She brings an hour’s worth of Sweat’s songs by the radio station for us to air, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

Near June 17, Emerson’s birthday, and around Christmas are when Sweat’s classic sound airs here on the old radio station.  Genella says, “I want to keep his memory alive.  By doing this, hopefully, no one forgets him.”

The old radio station wasn’t very old when Emerson first aired back in 1972 on his birthday, June 17.  And Sweat wasn’t either.  The station was 19-years old and Sweat, born in 1927, was 45-years old.  In the old days, Sweat was the pastor at Ford Town Baptist Church and one of the church members, Curt Monday of Monday Motors, helped make the airtime available.  In the later years, it was Genella who financed the air time.

For many of the last years Sweat was on the air, it was Genella who made the program possible on radio.  And this Saturday at 11 am, Rev. Sweat’s old time slot, she continues to keep his memory alive.  We all could be so lucky to be that loved.

CLICK HERE to listen-in to the program that will air tomorrow over WLAF AM FM and TV.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/15/2018-6AM)