On Monday, Everette Lee Smith pleaded not guilty to a myriad of sex crimes.

Earlier this month, a Campbell County Grand Jury indicted Smith on 64 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor

The 26- year-old was arrested in April when the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department received information he allegedly possessed child pornography.

CCSD Cpl. Joshua Jeffers went to the home where Smith was staying to investigate the allegations on April 26.  The homeowner allegedly told police he was allowing Smith to stay in the basement of the home because he was homeless, the arrest report said.

Jeffers told Smith he had been informed about possible child pornography on his cellphone, according to the report.

Smith allegedly denied having any pornography on his phone and allowed the officer to inspect the phone.

When Smith opened the photo gallery on the phone there was one picture, which prompted Jeffers to ask for the phone. Jeffers then opened the trash file on the phone and allegedly observed nude photos of several different small young children approximately six to 10 years of age.

Smith allegedly said “Wait I have pictures of my girlfriend on there,” while trying to take the phone from Jeffers. Smith had approximately 55 photos and videos of sexual activity with small children, the report said.

Under state law sexual exploitation of a minor can be classified as a Class D or C felony depending on the number of images possessed by the offender. Class D convictions carry a sentence of two to 12 years per count while Class C convictions carry three to 15 years per count.

His next court date is July 23.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/22/2018-6AM)