The City of La Follette Planning Commission met Thursday afternoon.  Codes officer Daniel Smith presented a change to the City’s firework sales ordinance.   Smith provided a copy of the City’s current ordinance dating back to 1975, but believes it is older than that.  The proposal would be sent to the La Follette City Council for approval. Smith mentioned how this change would be an increase in tax dollars for the City if accepted.  This agenda will be discussed further at the next meeting.

The variance request from resident Robert Marlow putting a prefab home, also called a tiny home, on Beech Street was next on the agenda. As advised by the City’s attorney, Reid Troutman, the request was denied. The structure in question was described by the research Smith did as “not made for human habitation” and is considered a single-wide trailer in the city of La Follette.

The next City of La Follette Regional Planning Commission meeting is set for Monday, July 30, at 3 pm at the municipal building.  It precedes a special council meeting at 4 pm ahead of the council’s 5:30 pm monthly workshop.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/29/2018-6AM)