Mud Island on the Mississippi River at Memphis is where then student Lynn Jefferies located some 22-years ago.  Just a few days ago, Dr. Lynn Jefferies, Campbell County High Class of 1988, relocated to Mud Island.  Though this time around, he returns to lead the Jay M. Sullivan Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine and Chief of Cardiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). He has also been named co-director for the newly formed UT Methodist Institute for Cardiovascular Science.

Pam Jefferies, Lynn’s proud mamma, says, “It’s ironic we’ve moved him to Mud Island twice.  That’s where it all began.”  Lynn went through day-long orientation on July 4 and 5 last week.

TOP PHOTO:  The above snapshot of Dr. Lynn Jefferies (circa 1988) was taken in one of his usual hangouts.  The Library at CCHS.  Jefferies, a Campbell County High School alum, has accepted the career position of a lifetime.

Jefferies wasn’t a military kid.  He was a construction kid.  His father, Johnny, traveled the family around during his construction career so Lynn was never in one place for very long.

His parents are Campbell County natives and moved back here in time for Lynn to finish his last couple of years of high school at CCHS.

Dr. Lynn Jefferies’ medical travels have taken him to Houston and Cincinnati before returning to Tennessee.

“It was cute when we first talked about him going to Memphis.  He was ready to come home to Tennessee,” his mother said.

Johnny Jefferies is proud as punch of his boy, and said to be sure to get him plenty of copies of that news release.

You can read the full release of Jefferies appointment by CLICKING HERE.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/09/2018-6AM)