An Ohio woman told police that she “wanted to live at the Caryville Hampton Inn for a while.”  When Campbell County Sheriff’s Sergeant Matthew Wasson first met up with 34-year old Cristan Niklas, he details in his report that she “was loud and had slurred speech.”

Several empty beer cans in Niklas’s room confirmed to Wasson that she’d been drinking.  She told him that she just wanted to live there (the Hampton Inn) for a while.  Wasson told her that she could not live at the hotel.

While the sergeant was trying to contact a friend or family member to come pick her up, Niklas went outside the Hampton Inn, sat down in a chair, and began drinking another beer.  Wasson took her beer away telling her that she could not drink a beer in public.  As he went back to trying to find someone to help Niklas, she disappeared again.  This time he found her lying on a bench in the HI parking lot drinking another beer.

Wasson ended up arresting the Fairfield, Ohio, woman and charging her with public intoxication.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/09/2018-6AM)