All too often we hear of some type of public shooting.  To help here in Campbell County, Sheriff Robbie Goins staff offers free active shooter training seminars.  The Chamber of Commerce hosted one of its Lunch-n-Learn sessions on Thursday featuring an active shooter class.

Freddie White, a detective sergeant with the CCSD, led yesterday’s session at Roane State College in La Follette.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Around 20 members of the Chamber of Commerce attended.

White combines a couple of national programs in his presentation; “Run-Hide-Fight” and “ALICE.”  He tells WLAF that he likes both approaches and takes the best of each and blends together for his seminars.  The veteran law enforcement officer is quick to point out three critical things you need to know; run, hide, or fight.  Next to that, White adds to always call E-911 as soon as you can.  During your E-911 call, the detective sergeant outlines that it is vitally important to pass along as much information as you can about the shooter or shooters.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Department provides free active shooter seminars to businesses, churches, and organizations.  White says, “It’s part of our service to our community, and we are happy to offer this service.”  To set up a seminar or to learn more, White encourages you to call him at 423.562.7446. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/13/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHAMBER DIRECTOR CHRISTIE ELKINS)