On May 28, WLAF launched its new website. The goal was to make the site more user friendly.

Apparently, the site is just that. On Friday, WLAF reached a milestone that was met with assistance of the people who turn to us everyday for their news.

Just before 10 am Friday, 1450wlaf.com received its one-millionth view.

Views are calculated by the number of pages visited

As of Sunday evening that number was 1,035,214.

When the numbers are broken down, we at WLAF saw our biggest news days are Mondays through Fridays with an average of 17,341 visitors a day over the past six-weeks.

Thank you Campbell County for your continued support of 1450wlaf.com. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/13/2018-6AM)

4 Replies to “WLAF hits significant number”

  1. This is pretty amazing numbers Jim. I myself am on her Mon-Fri 3 to 4 times per day ever since your site started

  2. On here several times a day. Like the new website after I got used to how it works. Thanks for everyone’s hard work every day so that we know what is going on in LaFollette.

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