Stinking Creek resident Carolyn Ayers travels ragged old Stinking Creek Road at least 18-miles every day.  “But we have the promise that it is going to get better,” she said on Tuesday morning at the Stanfield Church of God Family Life Center.    The news was officially handed down at a late morning ceremony at the new structure that sits just off the road that officials, community members, and others have come together to get resurfaced.

TOP PHOTO:  Carolyn Ayers (R) and her husband David were among the many in attendance at Tuesday’s announcement.

Ayers tells WLAF, “We feel like we have been neglected for so long, and I think they’ve taken care of that today.”  The new road means far more than just a smooth 9-mile ride to I-75 for Ayers each day as she drives to work.  The new car she bought about a year ago has taken its toll of abuse from pot holes, chug holes, and mud.  Her hope is that repair dollars spent on her car will be able to be used for something else now.

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Ayers granddaughter has just started driving.  Though the new road is almost a year away, Tuesday’s news gives her some relief knowing her young driver will be using a safe road.  She says especially in the winter months, because you never know what you’re going to hit on a snowy road.

“I am so pleased these people have come together to help us,” said Ayers (pink shirt).

Repaving of the 17.5 mile Stinking Creek Road is expected to start in the spring of 2019.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/22/2018-6AM)