Members of the La Follette Rescue Squad and Campbell County Rural Fire Service had a very busy Saturday evening.  Around 9:30 pm, First Responders with the CCRFS Pinecrest Fire House were on the scene of a boating accident in less than five-minutes on Norris Lake at Mattie Randolph Hollow.  The report coming in to WLAF is that a man, in his 60s, was operating a boat while intoxicated and drove the boat too close to the lake bank and hit a rock.

There was a total of four people on the boat.  Two were thrown out of the boat but walked away.  The driver went to jail, and the fourth person rammed into the dashboard of the boat and fell in the lake.  A  couple of nearby fishermen came over to see what happened and pulled the woman from the lake likely saving her life.

Someone took First Responders byway of a pontoon boat to the scene.  TWRA had officers at Andersonville Park, and they soon arrived and placed the driver of the boat, who suffered a cut to his leg, under arrest for BUI (boating under the influence).

The night before, on Friday night, another person, in a seperate incident, was arrested for BUI on Norris Lake in Campbell County.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/27/2018-6AM)





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  1. Im the female that was pulled outta the water. Dont get me wrong we was very thankful that the fishermen was there but they didnt do anything to help except call for help and give us a ride. We yelled help we’re drowning and they didnt do anything. Didnt throw us a rope or nothing to help stay above water.. And they didnt come over to see what happened cause we had to do everything we could to stay above water and to get over to their boat so we would stay alive.. We all are very thankful to be alive and we r all doin good..

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