A combined 56-years of experience walk out of the court house this week.  Sharon Reynolds was on the job for 40-years, Dormas Miller logged 16-years, and Tuesday was their official send-off.

A large crowd of friends, co-workers, and family members said “so long” during a luncheon in the lower level court room of the court house yesterday.

L-R Monty Bullock, Glenda Smiddy, Sharon Reynolds, Lisa Phillips, and Cindy Leach.

Reynolds served as the Deputy Trustee for Trustee George Asbury for 12-years, and her final 28-years were with Trustee Monty Bullock.  Bullock said, “She was awesome at her job.  She was very loyal and dedicated to her job and loved her job.”  Co-worker Lisa Phillips recalls the way that Sharon always made you laugh.

“Of course, we’ve already got the motor home gassed up and loaded up and ready to go to our second home in the west; Colorado and Wyoming,” said a grinning Dormas Miller (above).

“It’s certainly been a great, great career here for 16-years.  It was a big change from spending 32-years as a uniformed policeman, and we’ve accomplished an awful lot of good things here (at the Register of Deed’s Office),” added Miller.

Miller expressed his appreciation to all of Campbell County for putting him in office for four terms as Register of Deeds.

People have told him not to go home and sit down, because he won’t last long.  Miller laughed as he said, “So, I’m going home and will stand up.”

Glenda Smiddy was promoted to take over for Reynolds while June Turner was elected to replace the retiring Miller.

Thank you for your service, Dormas and Sharon.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/29/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF CINDY LEACH)