What began as a retirement business is growing into a full time job for Ed and Susie Allen.

  The couple, who had their first date horseback riding, combined their love of horses with a post career activity and soon Highlander Carriage Services was born.

TOP PHOTO:  The carriage used for weddings seats four people.

It was business they started in Florida that moved to Georgia and now Tennessee with them. From parades to political campaigns to weddings, the Allens have used their wagon, carriage and horses to provide a service.

“We just love horses,” Susie Allen said. “We have always loved them (the horses) , and it makes us happy to share it.”

In early 2018, the Allens bought property in the Whitman Hollow area and opened Highland Carriage Services in Campbell County.

They also hope to develop the property into a full- service get away spot complete with a picnic area and short term rentals, she said.

Highlander Carriage Services also offers a wagon that can be used for a number of events including parades.

In the meantime, they have a variety of horse drawn options for customers.

There is a wooden party wagon available for hay rides, birthday parties and parades. The wagon seats eight and has space on the side for banners. Highland also offers a lavish carriage for weddings. With the four person wedding carriage, clients are treated to a professional driver, photo time with the carriage, a “Just Married” banner and one hour travel time to the event.

Their team of horses are gentle and accustomed to the wagons as well as people, Allen said.

Guinness and Oliver, 14 and eight- years- old respectively, are a cross breed of a Clydesdale and Hackney pony. These two are often used for weddings. Drawdy, a five- year- old, Saddlebred and Clydesdale mix, is a “gentle giant” at 17 hands high that pulls the party wagon.

The Allens are currently booking for fall events and can be reached at 352-424-0286 or on Facebook at Highland Carriage Services. Prices start at $400. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/10/2018-6AM)