On Sunday, members, former members and guests gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary homecoming of Hillcrest Baptist Church.

TOP PHOTO:  Fifty-years ago, Paul Heatherly first stood in this pulpit.  Today, it’s current Hillcrest Baptist Church Pastor Lynn Ray.

Rev. T.D. Hooker spoke Sunday.  He served as interim pastor at one time at Hillcrest.

The church was organized under the leadership of Rev. Paul Heatherly, who was the pastor until his death in 2000. The land where the church is built was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Hodge Claiborne.  In Aug. 1968, the Whitman Baptist Church extended an arm to organize as a Southern Baptist Church with 26 members on organization night.  Seven additional members joined on the following Sunday, making 33 members in all.

Heart of Grace (above) along with the Botts Family (below) performed on Sunday

Last Sunday’s celebration included singing by the Inman Family, Andrea Bowman, The Heart of Grace and The Botts Family.  Guests speakers were former interim pastor, Rev. T.D. Hooker and Derrek Bowman. Lunch followed the service where many stories were exchanged.

The Inman Family (above) also performed.


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  1. Thank you WLAF for this story on our special day at Hillcrest Baptist Church last Sunday. I know my late husband Paul was smiling from Heaven to see God’s miracle church still going strong….leading people to Jesus, supporting missions here at home and abroad, and how thrilled he is to know the church is the location for the Released Time Bible Education, the Campbell County Christian Learning with 23 students enrolled studying Bible Education.

    When Mr. Hodge Claiborne and his wife approached Paul about whether or not they should sell their farm to build a school, Paul’s reply was, “what better situation could you have than be surrounded on three sides by a high school with thousands of students”. Today Campbell County Comprehensive High School sits on that farm. Paul, Mr, and Mrs Claiborne have left this world and gone to Heaven….but what an awesome legacy they have left behind. To “God be the Glory, great things He has done:.

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