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There was a gathering Monday evening of those who will be coaching in the Campbell County Youth Basketball League basketball this season.  More than 20 people attended. The common thread of the group is love of the youngsters, the game and the community.  It has to be.  What other reasons would prompt someone to invest hours of personal time and energy into something that doesn’t pay?

However, there is a payoff.  It comes in seeing youngsters learn a sport and improve at playing it.  Another payoff is for the community, because playing sports at that young age goes a long way in helping a young boy or girl stay active all the while learning work habits and discipline as well as teamwork and time management.

CCYBL President Chris Smith addresses the coaches

It’s been 50-years this fall, but I still remember my youth league coaches, along with lots of memories, from my first full season of sports. My junior high coaches were Byron Poe in football, Dan Bowman in basketball and Roger Heatherly in baseball.  All three were wonderful coaches and men that left positive, lasting impressions on me.  Byron was an encourager.  Dan made me quit cussing so much.  Roger let me play even though I was the worst player on the team.

I say “Thank you” to all those of you who are investing time, energy and effort into the youth of our community. You’re leaving lasting impressions- I know first-hand.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/20/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF DAVID GRAHAM)

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