On Monday afternoon, members of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team executed a narcotics search warrant at 114 Island Ford Road, apartment 204, in Jacksboro.     That is where officials say Valzora May Thomaston lives, and that investigators conducted an investigation into Thomaston at the same address for selling illegal narcotics and prescription medication.

ABOVE PHOTO:  Officers converged on the apartment late Monday afternoon

In a release from the CCSD, it details that investigators conducted several undercover investigations as they purchased narcotics at this home prior to the execution of the search warrant.

Sheriff’s investigators and K9 Santo located quantities of illegal narcotics inside the apartment and other paraphernalia that was used in the facilitation of the sale of narcotics. Thomaston is facing charges of felony possession of a schedule VI controlled substance, the sale and delivery of a schedule VI controlled substance, the sale and delivery of a schedule II controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officers are shown above carrying out evidence from Thomaston’s home.

The 44-year old Thomaston, who has been booked once into the county jail, was not arrested on Monday.  Her charge in the 2016 arrest was for filing a false report or bomb threat according to CCSD records.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/25/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE CCSD)

4 Replies to “CCSD executes narcotics search warrant”

  1. Don’t understand this process. They do a search warrant find drugs and the subject but no arrest? If you were in a vehicle and you were stopped and they found drugs. Buddy you are going to jail on the spot. Can anyone explain the difference?

    1. The person will be charged! They indict instead of immediate arrest for two reasons basically. One is to skip General Sessions Court. General Sessions Court is basically to establish whether you had probable cause for the charges and then you get bound over to Grand Jury. With these types of warrants a judge has already deemed there is probable cause for the charges and thus issuing a search warrant. So there’s no need in going through sessions court at that point. They will be indicted and arrested then. The other reason is basically to attempt to turn the person from a suspect into an informant. Sometimes it takes busting the little guy to get to the big guy. Just like fishing basically. Go out and dig through the dirt in the yard for night crawlers. Use those as bait to catch the big fish!

      1. So what happens if they do not arrest the subject on a search warrant and the subject leaves the state. I know they would issue a warrant but the person has nothing to loose until he found. But then they would have to extradite. Now at who’s expense? If your looking for the bigger guy (dealer) you could always try to squeeze them when behind bars. But on the other note why don’t they do the same on a traffic stop? I say get them off the street now.

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