The Campbell County Board of Education voted Tuesday night to transfer control of vacant school property in Caryville to the Town of Caryville for development of a community park.  WATCH the meeting here.

The property in question is the former playground of the old Caryville Elementary School, located in the center of town near the I-75 intersection. Because the land falls below the maximum elevation level of Norris Lake, TVA granted the property to the county school system with the condition that no permanent structures can be built on the land.

Vickie Heatherly appeared at the board meeting to make the Town’s request, explaining that Caryville would like to develop the property as a family park for picnics, reunions and other similar activities.

Finance Diretor Jeff Marlow told the board that there would be no problem with the transfer of control, but an agreement would have to be prepared by the board’s attorney, transferring liability and responsibility for insurance to the Town of Caryville.

The board members also responded to a request for blankets to be donated to victims of the recent Florida hurricane, as well as Campbell County first responders who have traveled to Florida to help out and are presently sleeping in their vehicles.

The board also approved several school trips, including the CCHS FFA to attend the national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, and CCHS Cougar Leadership to travel to New York City next May. The board also voted to accept the low bid of $8,510 for two door coolers for both LaFollette and Valley View Elementary.

Director Jennifer Fields made a brief report, announcing that attendance for the first school term was 93 percent or higher at every school in the system. She also announced that the Campbell County Literacy Association held its first meeting attended by 17 people. The group is dedicated to working on programs to improve adult literacy in the county. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/17/2018-6AM)