It’ll be quite a homecoming tonight in seven Campbell County households.

Twelve days ago, a seven man crew from La Follette Utilities Board (LUB) left out for hurricane ravaged Florida.  This morning, around 7 am, they’ll start the 500 or so mile haul back home.

TOP PHOTO:  Brandon Shown, one of the seven, is seen prepping for the trip to Florida a day ahead of leaving on October 11.

L-R Blake McCullah, Mike Owens, Robert Fritts, Brad Ivey, Bryan Templin, Jordan McDeerman and Brandon Shown are the LUB crew members on their way back home  to Campbell County this morning.

They’ve been in a small community called  Blountsown, Florida.  It’s about half-way between Panama City and Tallahassee.  LUB General Manager Kenny Baird told us a couple of weeks ago that the town’s entire utility system was on the ground.  But no longer though thanks largely in part to the efforts of the LUB 7.

They’ll be leaving behind grueling 16-hour days in the Florida heat and humidity.  Plus, they’ll be sleeping in their own beds at their homes tonight instead of on make shift beds in an elementary school.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/24/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF LUB’S KENNY BAIRD)

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  1. Safe Journey to all the crew driving towards Florida……prayers for all…..we had to leave Panama City because of the evacuation order to leave…Monday…went to Troy, Alabama and spent the night, hoping to go back. Too much damage to go back…came home Wednesday…..We met at least 200 service trucks going toward Florida… thankful the men are going to help out the people…..thank you Kenny for sending them to help….

  2. Prayers for a safe trip. Know it will be a hard scene when you go that way. Thank you for all you do

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