It’s just been a handful of years since Noah Smith walked the halls of Jacksboro Elementary School as a student.  Yesterday, the 20-year old 4th District School Board Member returned to JES.

He was there to read to students and talk to them about the importance of being in school  and how important it is to learn more every day.  The JES alum reminisced on his days at the school while using his position as a school board member to get involved in the school.  Smith read a Christmas themed book to three 1st Grade classes and four 3rd Grade classes. During Smith’s visit, he also answered questions from the students.

School Board Member Noah Smith read to students at JES on Wednesday morning

Smith tells WLAF, “This is what being a school board member is all about; getting involved in students’ education and using my position to help make their learning experience even better. I was honored to be able to read to these students and hopefully encourage them to be in school every day of the week.”

Smith sees opportunities like these as a way to promote a culture of learning and academic excellence.  He will visit several more classes at Caryville Elementary School later today.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/13/2018-6AM)