Don McGhee of Caryville listens to the WLAF Trading Post most every day. He’s bought and sold items like air compressors, cars and go-karts over the years, but on his Thursday morning call, he wasn’t buying or selling.

TOP PHOTO:  Don McGhee and Tammy Smith

He was looking for a response to the question he asked live on the radio, “Tammy Smith will you marry me?  I love you.”  Trading Post host Big Josh Etter, without a hitch, encouraged Smith to call in and say yes if she wanted to marry McGhee.

The 43-year old McGhee said he fell in love with Smith the first time he saw her when they met at a friend’s house a few years ago. He remembered knowing instantly she was the one for him.

The couple has been seeing each other for a while now, and Smith said they’ve talked some about getting married.  She said she told Don that if he ever did propose she wanted something original.

McGhee, who is a contractor, came up with the idea about three nights ago.  “I listen every day, and she does, too, and I thought it would be neat if I called in and proposed live on the air,” he said.

Smith said she thought it was odd when Don asked her if she was going to be listening to the Trading Post.  She said she’d be listening like always.

While at her make-up stand Thursday morning, Smith, a certified dental assistant, said she nearly fell over when she heard McGhee pop the question over the radio.  She immediately wondered what to do.  Call him on his phone?  Wait until she sees him?  Or call in to WLAF and answer him live on the air?

After McGhee’s proposal call, more calls came in; a Chevy truck transmission was announced on the air followed by a four wheeler and then a fishing boat.  During those calls, Smith was calling friends and co-workers asking what she should do all the while dealing with the shock of being proposed to live on the WLAF Trading Post.

Smith’s friends said they thought McGhee’s gesture was sweet and original and she should call the station and respond live over the air. About five minutes after McGhee’s proposal, Smith was on the air.  She told Big Josh, “I had a proposal a little while ago, and I want to give a big “yes” answer!”

Setting a date will likely be talked about this weekend, Smith said. McGhee thinks Destin, Florida, is one of the honeymoon destinations they’ll toss around.

The only thing for sure right now is that McGhee popped the question and Smith said “yes.”  Listen HERE.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/18/2019-6AM)