By Lindsey Hutson

Adulting 101 was hosted by Monica Bane, of Gear Up TN, at LaFollette Middle School Thursday morning.  Bane, the Campbell County GEAR UP Site Coordinator, featured the program earlier this week at Jellico Elementary School, yesterday at LMS and, then, next week, at Jacksboro Middle School.  Gear Up TN is a program that helps students get college-ready as well as provides teachers, parents and students with resources and information about the college process.

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TOP PHOTO:  Monica Bane (L) doles out dollars to an LMS student. 

In this game of “LIFE,” 8th grade students were given their whole lives on a card. The card included information such as career, monthly income, family status, and level of education.  Stations, manned by community volunteers, were set up where students would go to purchase their housing, automobiles, insurance, electricity, gas, furnishings, and food based on their income. Students had to maintain a checkbook and live within their means. If they exceeded their income, financial coaching was available. In real life, however, things do not always go according to plan or budget. Neither did this game for some students. The Green Reaper would appear and either give out a small monetary prize or an extra expense they must pay during the month such as a new pet, a blown tire, or a water leak in their house. Students would have to redo their budget to include whatever was thrown at them.

Melinda Wilson, PCUD’s La Follette Branch Manager (R) works with an LMS student

Two groups of 50+ students went through the activity yesterday morning and learned real life lessons that they will hopefully carry with them into adulthood. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/18/2019-6AM-PHOTOS BY LINDSEY HUTSON)