The La Follette Police Department responded on Friday to complaints of speeders on North Tennessee Avenue in a unique but effective way.  It erected two speed zone signs with one of the signs displaying a digital speed read out.  Captain Stephen Wallen and Sergeant  Charles Duff put the digital speed reader up where Aspen Street meets North Tennessee.  It’s powered by solar energy.

There is a new speed limit sign now standing next to the Royal Lunch Room on North Tennessee Avenue

LPD Chief Bill Roehl said as he watched traffic pass by the new sign, “Watch how they slow down once they see that they are speeding.”  Roehl calls the new system more effective and less expensive than posting an officer to run radar.  The chief points out that this unit will be rotated around town to help speeding drivers realize just how fast they are going encouraging them to slow down.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/22/2019-6AM-CHARLIE HUTSON PHOTOS)

2 Replies to “LPD brings awareness to speeders”

  1. Between 6:40am and 7am they need to monitor from LMS down to the Food city MALL, I was almost hit 3 times , people passing me like I was sitting still

  2. Oh , how I wish we had one of these up here on Laurel Branch in Stinking Creek! It’s always the same ones over and over who fly up and down this narrow road! It does no good to call 911 (and several residents have called several times) and there are kids on this road who walk back and forth to each others houses.Maybe if the residents start throwing rocks at them…….Just saying….

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