There is a BEARY HEALTHY MOVEment underway in Campbell County.  Tomorrow, everyone is encouraged to join in at the Food City parking lot from 10 am – 11:30 am for a healthy start to 2019!! 

TOP PHOTO:  Caryville Cardinal William Dorton and Beary Healthy jump some rope.

The kickoff event will include a walk with county and city mayors and officials, motivational speakers, success stories, health screenings, door prizes and Beary Healthy (Campbell County’s new Health minded mascot) & more…

Most everyone has made at least one New Year’s resolution and by now, have either given up or are feeling stress about trying to maintain it.  Fortunately, you will soon have support and encouragement!

Coordinated efforts through the Campbell County Board of Education and local agencies will be promoting various incentives and programs to be implemented countywide.  From FREE workout sessions at local gyms to nutrition classes offered through the UT Extension agency, local agencies are jumping on board to be a part of a countywide MOVEment to make Campbell County a healthier place.

You will soon be able to find everything health related in one spot on the updated Coordinated School Health website.

Beary Healthy catches up with Cove Lake State Park Ranger Roby Wray

You will need to also be on the lookout for BEARY HEALTHY, Campbell County’s new mascot.  He will be out and about in your community looking for people who are taking strides to become healthier in 2019.  If he finds you playing at the park, walking your dog, rethinking your drink, you, your friends and family will be featured on the county’s website as well as being entered in a monthly drawing for prizes and awards.

Even though Campbell County currently ranks low regarding health outcomes and quality of life in comparison to other Tennessee Counties, we believe together we can make our health rankings change and improve.

As your fitness and wellness goals are an ongoing endeavor this MOVEment will also continue.  However, we are aware that we can’t do it alone.  We must come together as a community to encourage each other for our health, our neighbor’s health and the health of Campbell County.

If you have any events or classes you would like us to promote on the website, please contact (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/25/2019-6AM)