The La Follette Regional Planning Commission took place Thursday evening at 4:30 at City Hall.


First on the docket was a site plan review. Applicant Scott Bowlin brought forth an office building plan for Cumberland Avenue in LaFollette.  The building will be roughly 2,000 square feet. Mr. Bowlin had already met with Director of Public Works Jim Mullens to discuss some drainage issues on the property. The property would need a retention basin and storm drains. The site plan was approved.

Next, applicant Cameron McGhee asked the city to abandon some unused city property. The property is located on South Tennessee Avenue and adjoins Earnest Maxwell’s property.  Half of the property had already been abandoned years earlier.  Mayor Mike Stanfield moved to approve this motion on the condition that it Mr. McGhee also go before the City Council. The motion passed.

Lastly, Haleigh Gulley presented an in home occupation request for Elm Street. No advertisement would be displayed and there will not be an increase in traffic. The request is for answering phones and emails only. All work will be done off site. Motion passed. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/25/2019-6AM)