By Josh Parker, Voice of the Cougars

Tonight, Cougar Nation you have a chance to make a difference. In about 12 hours, the Lady Cougars will be tipping off against the Oak Ridge Lady Wildcats from Wildcat Arena. Are you ready? I’m serious, are you ready?

Just as we have expected night in and night out from our Lady Cougars all season long to defeat foe after foe, the expectations shift tonight. We expect you, Cougar Nation, to bring with you your best. Be loud! Be supportive! Stand up and chant DEFENSE! Get a ‘Campbell County’ chant going! These Lady Cougars have carried us on their backs all season.  Let’s put them on our backs and win the regular season District 3-AAA championship!

And for our Cougars. I am so proud of how hard they are playing night in and night out. They are giving their all for Coach Darrell Cox, their teammates and our community. This is a team I believe can beat anybody, anywhere, at any time. I’ve seen them practice in the gym when no one is watching. I know Coach Cox and his staff are burning the midnight oil after every game watching film and figuring out our next move. Just as you will be supportive and rowdy for our Lady Cougars, our Cougars deserve that same passion and energy in the night cap!

I can’t tell you how special this year has been for the ole radio broadcaster. Coach Brad Honeycutt and Coach Cox have been amazing with their access and openness with their programs. We have the best student-athletes around. For me, it’s a privilege to tell you a story of Campbell County basketball every night out. I love these kids, my school where I’m blessed to teach and work, and my community!

Tonight, let’s make the difference Cougar Nation! Our kids deserve it! I’ll see you at Wildcat Arena this evening! — Josh  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/01/2019-6AM)

One Reply to “Tonight’s the night Cougar Nation that our Lady Cougars and Cougars deserve your support”

  1. No doubt Oak Ridge is a great team; however, even though they beat us by 30 points I still believe that the Lady Cougars are the best team in District 3. We made Oak Ridge look good in a lot of ways. The Lady Cats just played us when we had an off night. Off nights can happen to any team. I do believe those Cats will see us again in the District 3 Championship game, and they won’t play the same team they played Friday night. I support my Cougars and Lady Cougars win or lose. I know the Varsity Cougars haven’t won much this year, but I do believe they are going to make a lot of noise in the tournaments, and next year they will be awesome. Teams will not run over them next year. Even this year they can play with anyone, Our fans need to come out and support the Lady Cougars and Cougars even when they lose. I am not only a winning fan and supporter, but I am a win or lose fan, and I have been for 43 years in all sports. When this season is completed, no matter how far these Cougars go, I will be on the sidelines next year giving them the same support. They are a great team with an outstanding coaching staff. GO COUGARS GO!!! WIN, WIN, WIN!!! Let’s show this district, region and state what we are! What we are is “COUGAR NATION.” We are the best and we are proving it.

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