On Friday, District Attorney General Jared Effler presented length of service awards to several members of his staff.

TOP PHOTO L-R:  Assistant District Attorney General Philip Kazee, 5 years of service; Assistant District Attorney General Mark Blakley, 5 years of service; Coordinator Keisha Hughes, 15 years of service; DUI Coordinator Amanda Rutherford, 5 years of service; Child Support Specialist Chanda Posey, 10 years of service; and Assistant District Attorney General Matthew McClung, 5 years of service.

These awards represent the length of time these individuals have continuously served the citizens of Tennessee’s Eighth Judicial District.

District Attorney General Jared Effler stated: “I greatly appreciate the services that Philip, Mark, Keisha, Amanda, Chanda and Matt provide our citizens on a daily basis. These individuals are dedicated public servants and I am honored to work alongside them as we serve the citizens of our great district.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/05/2019-10AM)