Two Campbell County Deputies experienced a rather unusual situation on Wednesday afternoon  in Demory.  While Sgt. Joe Hopson and Deputy Rod Goins were eating lunch, a man came in through the front door of Bo’s Place, walked unsteadily to the beer cooler and came away with a beer.  He then walked over to the officers’ table.

Hopson outlined in his report that the man, who alleged had a strong odor of alcohol about him, slammed down a chair and sat down at the deputies’ table.  The man, later identified as Travis Nelson (pictured above) of Leroy Day Lane in La Follette, asked Hopson if he was a Christian and if he “liked Jews” and allegedly said he “loved eating little Jew babies,” according to the report.

Nelson said, according to the report, “I have some Jew babies in my belly.”

Based on the report, Nelson grabbed Hopson’s drink, poured his beer in the officer’s cup  and drank it.  That prompted the sergeant to escort Nelson out of the building where he continued to speak with a slurred speech while talking out of his head, the report said.

Hopson wrote in his report that Nelson was acting in a disorderly manner causing a disturbance inside the business.

The 38-year -old Nelson was arrested and taken to the county jail facing charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  He remains housed in the county jail this afternoon on a $1,000 secured bond and is due in court on February 28.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/15/2019-3PM)

3 Replies to “‘I have some Jew babies in my belly’ – Travis Nelson, arrested this week for public intoxication”

  1. Crazy..drugs are destroying almost all family’s in some shape or is truly a pandimec..what is making everone so miserable that they turn to these actions..maybe the economy, No jobs and truly, no hope..Just pray to GOD daily that’s the only REAL hope….our Government has only lies and false hope who do you think distributes these so called medicine’s..That are truly worse than the illness you may have 90 % of the time..

  2. yes, its someone else’s fault that an individual chooses to not work, have a drink or take a drug. I know plenty of people full of potential that are day drunk on a Wednesday afternoon. Genius ruined by the devils vices.

  3. Travis is my cousin. My mother got me out of Lafollette when I was 11 THANK GOD! Travis was a sweet and exceptionally intelligent child. He was one of the few family members in the Nelson family that I remember who had so much potential and EXCELLENT parents. When I brought my daughters (who r biracial) to a family reunion in 2012 he was kind to them and to me. Some others weren’t so nice. He had the best upbringing that any boy couldve had but he is also mentally ill. The meds made him not b able to enjoy his family or even his life so he stopped taking them and self medicated with alcohol. Travis is a good man when he is under proper care. Plz don’t judge unless u know the whole story. He needs to b in Psych and not in jail.

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