Campbell County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck tells WLAF today, “We’ve had some downed trees last night and today, and crews have taken care of those, but this is major.”     Dilbeck is talking about the top photo of this major slide on Pine Mountain at the old gravel scenic road from Rarity Mountain to Jellico.  He calls it an active situation and cautions everyone to stay away, because of the dangerous conditions.  This entire road, where there is another way around, is completely closed.

Another concern in this area in north Campbell County is natural gas lines.  Dilbeck adds that the lines from Clairfield to Proctor Hollow (near Jellico) have been shutoff.

“All we’ve dealt with has been manageable until this slide here on Pine Mountain,” said Dilbeck.

A low water crossing on Baird’s Creek Road in the Capashen area has washed out again.  Crews recently rebuilt that ford-type crossing just a few days ago.  Dilbeck has applied for a bridge to be built at this crossing.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/23/2019-5PM – PHOTO COURTESY OF CC ROAD SUPER RON DILBECK)