Pugh and Company was present for last night’s LaFollette City Council Workshop to present the findings for the June 30, 2018, year-end audit. It was a clean audit, the city has a healthy reserve and overall a good report, according to Pugh and Company.

Council will vote on promoting Jillian Webb to full time data clerk in the police department, effective March 16 at a salary of $21,840. Webb has been working part time for the past four months.

The final reading of two ordinances will be completed at next week’s regular monthly meeting. Ordinance 2019-01 abandons a portion of unopened street located within West. Kentucky Ave. The city declared the property as surplus with no value and conveyed to the adjoining property owners. Ordinance 2019-02 amended the city’s personnel policy definition of a safety-sensitive position. The ordinance defines the position as involving emergency operations, safety of the public, operating machinery that would involve the safety of fellow employees, the collection, processing and/or distribution of monies and positions that have a key and direct role in an operation where impaired performance could result in significant error, incident, or accident affecting the health or safety of employees, and/or negatively impact the public, property or finances. These positions include, but are not necessarily limited to fire, police, emergency dispatchers, utility workers, sanitation workers and limited administration. Ordinance 2019-01 amending the original 2018-19 budget in the amount of $61,890 for revenue and expenditures. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/26/2019-6AM)