Around 11 pm last Thursday, Deputy Zachary Daugherty returned a phone call from an anonymous person.    The caller claimed there had been a domestic assault on 121 Leroy Day Lane, La Follette. The caller said Justin Eugene Young had severely beaten his girlfriend at his house and the woman had called her saying that she was extremely scared. The victim had sent pictures of her head that had a large knot and cut on her forehead and told the woman that Young had headbutted her.

At this point, Daugherty went to the home to investigate. Daugherty spoke to the victim who said she and Young were at a friend’s house when he made rude comments about her weight. She then went outside to wait in the vehicle until he came back outside, according to the report. The couple left in the same vehicle and had a verbal altercation on their way home. The victim alleged that once she arrived home she ended up on the ground outside of the residence somehow. He then allegedly drug her inside the home. But the victim stated the only thing she remembers after that is waking up on the floor with her head bleeding, and Young asked if she had fell and hit her head.

Daugherty spoke with Young who said that he and the victim had not argued.  During this time Daugherty noticed a small knot on the man’s forehead. Daugherty was able to determine during that Young was the primary aggressor.

Young, 29, 121 Leroy Day Lane (La Follette) is charged with domestic violence by assault. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/28/2019-6AM)