Amid all the colds, coughs, and flu symptoms that affected student health during the month of February, Caryville Elementary School still managed to boast 134 students with perfect attendance! Approximately 50 of those 134 students were fifth graders. “We love to see our students walk through our doors everyday. The welcome they receive from their teachers each day shows in the student attendance reports. Caryville kids look forward to coming to school,” says Assistant Principal Mrs. Bruce.  When asked why they like to attend school, Sophie Copeland, a fifth grade student at CES replied, “I like learning something new everyday.” Classmates Cooper Sammons and Emma Kate Lawson echoed her sentiments. Cooper also stated, “I like to see all my friends here.” Emma Kate agreed and added, “I like coming because my mom is here.” Students were awarded for their attendance accomplishment with a Dairy Queen reward card. CES Principal Mrs. Adkins would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents that make good school attendance a priority. “We couldn’t do it without their support,” says Adkins.

CES 5th Grade Perfect Attendees for February.