A call of a reckless driver ended with a DUI arrest.

On Saturday night, Deputy John Minor answered a call about a possible reckless driver on I-75. Minor found the car traveling north on I-75 around the 130-mile marker, at this point he noticed the car cross the right fog line and go onto the rumble strip. Minor continued to follow the car and noticed it crossed the fog line nine times before he stopped it.

Minor approached the driver of the car, Alice Gloria Creekmore and noticed a strong odor of a alcohol coming from the driver. Minor also noticed she had blood shot eyes, according to the report. Creekmore was asked to get out of the vehicle and do sobriety testing. Before she got out of her car, she asked if she could remove her boots prior to the testing and was allowed to do so.

Minor asked if she had any medical issues that might cause her to perform poorly on the test. She allegedly told Minor that she had seizures due to stress and a bad back but said she could do the test. After performing poorly on the test, she was placed under arrest.

At this time, Minor asked if she was on any type of medication. She allegedly said that she took Gabapentin and Tizandine, which she identified as a muscle relaxer. Minor asked if the medication had a warning on the bottle about operating a vehicle and if it also said do not mix with alcohol. She told Minor that the bottles did have the warning labels.

Creekmore, 47, 188 Myers Street, Jacksboro is charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and drivers to exercise due care. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/14/2019-6AM)