After about three hours Friday morning, the players were set in the first stage of the “WLAF – Charley’s Pizza Final Four Fun Run.”

Selection Sunday is this Sunday.  So, on Monday, Big Josh and Jim will randomly pull 64 names in all and then randomly select an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament team for each name.  Monty Bullock is the only exception in the field, because we’ll be giving him the Prarie View A & M Panthers, his favorite team, from the git-go.

The 64 players, in order of calling or emailing, are:

Sharon Story

Jerry Chadwell

George Bolinger

Darren Story

Laura Chadwell

Ken Mc Neeley

Kenny Allen

Barry Byrd

Greg Weaver

Maxine Weaver

Clyde Brantley

Bob Moore

Bo Thompson

Jimbo Burton

Charlene Brewer

Matthew Moore

Roy Walton

Barbara Ward

Bill Lambert

Megan Smith

Ann Love

Missy Irwin

John E. Perkins

Ricky Freeman

Bobby Smith

Marie Carroll

Dwayne Torres

Jeremy Dorton

Joan Crutchfield

Margie Cox

Gaye Baird

Kenneth Cordell

Randy Russell

Janice Burchfield

Greg Cox

Dwight Crutchfield

Karen Smith

Corey Poston

Jennifer Robbins

Terry Perkins

Lyndon Vinsant

Chester Cross

H.L. Evans

Allan Robbins

Monty Bullock – Prarie View A & M Panthers

Matt Keathley

Earl Clark

Adam Burchfield

W.T. Fowler

Randall Martin

Billy Shears

Connie Campbell

Margaret Hinch

Wilma Blankenblicker

Dennis O’Rourke

Mike Evans

Bill Berry

Michael Heatherly

David Chapman

J.C. Massengale

Blake Gibson

Darrell North

Rebecca Heatherly

Linda Berry

Prizes will be awarded to Sweet 16 qualifiers, and Final Four Team qualifiers will receive an additional prize.  The person whose team wins the NCAA Title receives $64, and should that team be the Tennessee Vols, the payout is $164.

Good luck and have fun! (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 03/15/2019-2PM)