“As long as you follow God’s laws, you have a home here.”    That’s what Cedar Hill Baptist Church Pastor Ronnie Arnold told Scoutmaster Chris Thacker in early 2016 when La Follette Boy Scout Troop 310 was chartered by the church.

TOP PHOTO:  Tim Humphries (L) and Love Patel (R) enjoyed last night’s banquet.

Chris Thacker serves as scoutmaster for Troop 310.  He told Thursday night’s full house, on hand for the Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner at the Ball Farm Event Center, “Without our church charter, we could do nothing.  All of this is due to Ronnie and the church.”

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The scoutmaster spoke of Arnold’s quiet leadership in helping him when he assumed the reigns of the troop.  He recalled his anxiousness before taking the troop to summer camp and how Arnold prayed with him about the trip that, in the end, turned out really well.

As Thacker closed his comments, he thanked Pastor Arnold and the church.  He said, “Without you, what we do would be nothing.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/15/2019-6AM)