There are 28 names on today’s list.

Baird, Adam Clint age 33 of 240 Corrington Lane – La Follette for attachment child support.

Bargel, Gerard George Pier age 71 of 6336 Eastwood Glen Place – Montgomery, AL for driving under the influence (DUI), driver’s to exercise due care, violation of light law, violation of TN financial law, no driver’s license and violation of open container law.

Brown, David Eugene age 52 of 6522 Glen Arbor Drive – West Chester, OH for aggravated assault by domestic violence, theft of property under $999.99, possession of weapon by a convicted felon, tampering with evidence and aggravated robbery.

Brown, Jim Bart age 37 of 581 Woolridge Lane – Jellico for driving while suspended and a hold for another agency/Whitley County.

Claxton, Adam Corey age 32 (homeless) of La Follette for 3rd offense probation violation (criminal court) and attachment child support.

Flores, Victor age 36 of 4950 Edmonton Pike – Nashville for driving under the influence (DUI) , no driver’s license, violation of implied consent law and a hold for another agency/I.C.E.

Gross, Anthony Jerome age 37 of 922 West Elm Street – La Follette for theft of property under $999.99 and criminal trespassing.

Halcomb, Luke Anthony age 37 of 612 Mount Paran Loop – Jacksboro for driving under the influence (DUI)  and driver’s to exercise due care.

Hatcher, Alicia Dawn age 34 of 28262 Demory Road – La Follette a capias/bench warrant.

Hatfield, David Joe age 43 of 311 Cherry Street – La Follette for domestic assault.

Holt, Summer Lynn age 32 of 3418 Lendon Avenue – Knoxville for drug court.

Hulsart, Jason Nathaniel age 23 of 508 East Central Avenue – La Follette for a probation violation (general sessions).

Hurst, Adam Anthony age 25 (homeless) of La Follette for possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia; uses/activities.

Jones, Joshua Andrew age 29 of 3635 New River Highway – Briceville for theft of property under $999.99.

Kindred, Jeffery Layne age 54 of 348 Goins Lake Lane – La Follette for court imposed.

Lay, Jared Bryan age 20 of 422 Shady Pine Lane – Newcomb for stalking.

Manitowabi, Shelia Renee age 39 of 1346 Loop Road – La Follette for a capias/bench warrant.

Moses, Michael Dale age 49 of 35 Veach Lane – Williamsburg, KY for court imposed to serve time.

Phillips, Gregory Shawn age 37 of 201 Hickory Hills – La Follette for 2 counts of burglary other than habitation and possession of a schedule II controlled substance (meth).

Pierce, Preston Lee age 40 of 121 North Mountain Lane – La Follette for domestic assault, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

Snodderly, Jason Lee age 35 of 210 West Kentucky Avenue – La Follette for court imposed to serve time.

Strong, Jason Scott age 40 of 152 College Park Drive – La Follette for aggravated assault by domestic violence and resisting arrest.

Swain, Clinton Lee age 39 of 414 West Prospect Street – La Follette for criminal trespassing.

Sweat, Travis Curtis age 31 of 149 Sandy Hill Road – La Follette for a capias/bench warrant.

Walden, Kimberly Nicole age 25 of 1098 Stinking Creek Road – La Follette for domestic assault and public intoxication (PI).

Webb, Raymond Dudley age 38 of 386 Island Ford Road – Jacksboro for a hold for another agency/Hamblen County.

White, Roberta Ann age 41 of 199 Seitz Lane – Caryville for attachment child support and burglary, theft under $500.

Williams, Taylor Brian age 26 of 1599 Cherry Bottom Road – Caryville for domestic assault.